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Saturday, January 10, 2015
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Sarah Linnea Photography is opening it's shutter. Come learn the basics of photography and how to take your photos at home, to the next level.

When setting our goals for 2015, one thing that was very important to me was continuing education. Not only will I continue to  pursue knowledge to better myself and my business, but Sarah Linnea Photography  will educate others with a passion for photography.  We have offered one on one teaching and mentoring in the past, and will continue that this year, but we have decided to also offer a basics course for those who enjoy the art of photography, but aren't quite sure how to achieve what they want from their camera.

This first introductory course will be an overview of the history, and photography and camera basics, as well as some helpful tips and tricks for your interests. This will be a fun relaxing Tuesday evening, hanging out with like minded indivduals.

When you attend the class you will also recieve:

Digital download of slides covered in class presentation

A voucher for $50 off a 6 week one on on training program for those wanting to take their photography from hobby to business
ALSO: there will be a drawing for a mini portrait session. 

no cost to you, just come out and have a good time!
Limited Spots Available!

Bring your camera and come out on March 10 for a special introductory course in photography.  This begining lesson will cover the basics of your camera, some quick tips for getting great results in common situations, and more!

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